Jessica Brown


Hey there! My name is Jessica and I am a Critical Care Registered Nurse from Houston, Texas.

From the time I graduated high school in 2009, I knew my heart’s desire was to help people. After years of service in my local church, countless prayers, and a handful of short-term mission trips, God has blessed me with the opportunity to pursue His call for my life and help the people of rural Kenya through a partnership with

Though I will be connected and serving in all the ministries at, my primary role will be as a social work missionary, working with the children and staff of Brittney’s Home of Grace.

Brittney’s Home of Grace is the home of close to 100 orphaned, vulnerable children of various ages that have come from devastating circumstances. In this home, the children are given an opportunity to grow and flourish in a stable, Christ-centered home environment with proper nutrition, clean water, access to quality health care, quality education, life skills training, and counselors.

At Brittney’s Home of Grace, I will partner with staff to help support, coach, and develop these children while pouring out God’s love to them, helping them along in their journey to healing, restoration, and growth.

While I feel under-qualified for this role, my life experience has taught me that God needs little more than my obedience and my willingness for Him to use me… so I am excited to see what He has in store.

My heart and passion are to serve and to love, and I am ecstatic to be on this mission, in whatever capacity God sees fit. I look forward to having you along for the journey!