Mission Teams

Every year we send around 20 short-term mission teams to work in the area surrounding our campus in Kenya. Teams include many areas of expertise and touch a variety of people in the community we serve. Medical/Surgical Teams bring a variety of specialties such as – eye specialist, ENT,

Kenya Relief Academy

We believe that a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere will enable students to grow and mature intellectually, physically, and spiritually. Kenya Relief Academy now serves over 600 students. God is blessing Kenya Relief with the resources to help children in this community.  Kenya Relief Academy is committed to providing

Brittney’s Home of Grace

Kenya Relief provides a holistic care approach for orphaned children, which focuses on four key areas, including physical, spiritual, educational, and social development. With a strong emphasis on education, Kenya Relief tracks and measures the progress of each child in our care. Our children live on campus, full time,

Brase Clinic

The Brase Clinic and Vision Center provides care and treatment for more than 15,000 people every year, in a part of the world where access to affordable health care is limited. The clinic, named after an early supporter of Kenya Relief, Dr. David Brase, is open seven days a